Surgery Even/Douglas Antigua

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Now that we have returned home, we wanted to give one last update about our trip, the patients we worked with, the relationships we made, and the memories we will cherish for a lifetime. Everyone agreed that for the work we came to do to help patients, we are the ones who end up getting so... Read More
Today was another amazing day at the Las Obras hospital as we finished our last day in surgery. We prayed this morning during our devotional that when we return home we can keep in perspective the lessons we have learned and embody the spirit of the Guatemalan people, who are grateful for... Read More
This morning our team sat together drinking our local Guatemalan coffee as we prepared for the day and talked through our devotional. We prayed for each other, for the families we are missing back at home, for the hospital and Faith In Practice staff serving this mission every day, and for the... Read More
Today was an incredibly rewarding day for our team here in Antigua. Before our morning devotional Nate asked others to share about their experience thus far, and Dr. Even commented how impressed he has been at how this team has come together so quickly and how every person truly has an... Read More
Our day started with another amazing breakfast thanks to Sue and her local team here, followed by Nathan Emert leading us in our morning devotional. He focused on how we often see our worth as an outcome of our performance, and prayed for us to instead value ourselves despite our failures, as... Read More
The Even/Douglas Surgery Team all arrived safely in Antigua and have had an exciting first two days! Today was focused on triage where the team estimated over 100 patients being assessed. There are 49 cases scheduled for the week!  Interpreter Celia Davis commented that the team seemed to bond... Read More