Error in the USPS delivery system

Due to an error in the USPS delivery system, mail delivery to our offices has been significantly delayed since mid-December. We are still receiving mail dated as far back as December 15, and we have not received several checks that we have been informed were sent to our office after that date.


We are working with the USPS to ensure that we receive all the mail that was postmarked during that period. If you sent a check to our office and still have not received an acknowledgment for your gift, please notify us at 713-484-5555 or so that we can pass along that information to the postal service. If, for some reason, the mail is returned to you and you are seeking tax credit for 2017, please be sure to resend the check by putting it and its original envelope (postmarked on or before Dec 31, 2017) into a new envelope.


We apologize for the delay in acknowledging your generous gifts, and we are so grateful for your support and your patience!