Hilario Galindo

Hospital Hilario Galindo

Hospital Hilario Galindo is one of Faith In Practice's two core partnering hospitals, located in the southern Pacific Coast region of Guatemala. Faith In Practice works with Hospital Hilario Galindo in Retalhuleu to provide life-changing surgeries for patients referred by our village medical teams. We have completed significant expansions and renovations at the site, so that the hospital is able to continue to provide state-of-the-art operating rooms for our surgical teams and comfortable facilities for our patients. 

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HHG First Phase of Renovations: Groundbreaking (December 2013)



Faith In Practice and Hospital Hilario Galindo board members gather to commemorate the beginning of renovations on the hospital.

Early Construction (2014-2015)

Construction begins on the Casa de Milagros patient guest house, and on renovations to medical facilities.


Additional renovations to the hospital have included: increased water capacity, sewage, and electricity. Things unseen, but crucial to the hospital.


Workers digging a trench for the new sewage line.


Continued Construction (2015-2016)

Another improvement to the hospital is the surgical team breakroom, also 'clean' and air conditioned area now. The expansive space is connected to the corridor where surgeons do their surgical notes using an elecronic medical record developed by Faith In Practice:



The Second Phase of Construction Begins! (2017)


Faith In Practice Volunteers, Guatemalan Network Directors, and Staff gather to commemorate the beginning of the second phase of construction.



Sergio Lopez, Hospital Hilario Galindo Administrator, shares a few words before Leonel Borja and Tony Bischof, Hospital Hilario Galindo board members, help to lay the first stone.


The second phase of construction will include another operating room, expanded clinic space, and a new chapel on hospital grounds.


Workers begin construction.



CEO Rev. Linda L. McCarty, and fellow Hospital Hilario Galindo board members check on the progress of construction in March of 2017.


Walls going up for the new chapel on hospital grounds.



Casa de Milagros - Patient Dormitories

Today, these facilities are used by patients who travel from all over Guatemala to receive care from Hilario Galindo and our surgical teams. Individuals that stay in these dormitories may not have otherwise been able to receive their life-changing medical treatment without a place to stay.


Women's dormitory:


Men's dormitory:


Clean and comfortable bathrooms in the Casa de Milagros:


Operating Rooms & Medical Facilities

In addition to providing a place for patients to stay, Faith In Practice has worked extensively on state of the art operating rooms for our volunteer surgical teams.

The operating room suites, as well as the pre and post-op areas, now have central air conditioning.

In 2017 eleven surgical teams from Faith In Practice will serve. Other volunteer teams will also benefit from the new facilities.


The new laboratory of the hospital will be able to provide important diagnositics and also create a revenue stream for the hospital. There is also a new x-ray room:


Construction Updates - June 2017


Workers continue contruction on the expanded clinic wing.

Front view of the expanded clinic wing:

Back view of the expanded clinic wing:

Workers begin pouring slab roof:

The beginning work of the fourth OR:


Construction Updates - early July 2017

Workers continue contruction on the expanded clinic wing.

Front view of the chapel:

Construction Updates - mid-July 2017

Front view of the expanded clinic wing:

Front view of the chapel:

The continued work on the fourth OR:

The updates made to our OR rooms:

Before and after our patients' surgeries, the new Pre-op and Post-op space provides an open and clean environment for preparation and recovery:

The break room for our volunteers:

Computers for medical records:


Construction Updates - mid-August 2017 

Faith In Practice has worked extensively on our medical clinic wing to allow expansion for hospital growth and medical services.


Front View of the Expanded Clinic Wing:

Side View of the Front View of the Expanded Clinic Wing:

Back View of the Clinic Wing:


Surgical Patient Waiting Area:

Clinic Reception Area: 

Medical Clinic: 


Lab Reception Area: 


Fourth OR: 





Hospital Hilario Galindo Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: Feb 2-5, 2018

Faith In Practice and Hospital Hilario Galindo board members gathered to celebrate the inauguration of the hospital with staff members, donors, and volunteers from our Hartz/Hecht/Coke team. 

Faith In Practice Founder Joe Wiatt opens the celebration in prayer.


President and CEO Rev Linda McCarty thanks guests.


Dignitaries from the municipality of San Felipe, Architect Sergio Paz, Pedro Galvez of IRTRA, and other honored guests listen to Hilario Galindo Vice President Rafael Rivera’s remarks.


Ribbon Cutting by Leonel Borja, President of Asociación Fe en Practice and Tony Bischof, President of Hospital Hilario Galindo.


Doug Pond, Rev. Linda McCarty, Sharon Toncray (Providence St. Joseph), Byron Pond, Robert Morrow (BCBS Texas)


The new chapel is prominently placed and is available to volunteers, patients, and the general public.


There is an alcove for private prayer, welcoming Catholics and Protestants alike.


Near the new pre- and post-op area, there is a new, spacious waiting area only for surgical patients.



Commemoration of Mr. Weldon Weekley and Dr. Francisco Barrios-Romano, whose vision and trust in God and in those who followed them to make this dream a reality.


Dr. Cary and Mrs. Julie Moorhead    Randy, Fielding and Flossie Fromberg      Mrs. Nancy Fontaine

(Board member and team leader)          (longtime supporters of Faith In Practice and this project)​ 

The Hartz/Hecht/Coke team began triage and surgeries at Hospital Hilario Galindo the next day. 


The Surgical week begins.


A larger fourth operating room has been added to accommodate larger and more complex cases.


The project includes a new sterilization system, new floors for existing operating rooms, and central air.



The new pre- and post-op area is segregated from public areas and has internal pharmacy and supply areas, further reducing risk of infection.


By merging pre- and post-op, space is used more efficiently and staff resources are maximized.


A spacious new break room allows surgical staff to remain in “clean areas” while working, reducing risk of infection.


The new Casa de Milagros patient guest house provides shelter and food for patients traveling long distances.


The new laboratory is further expanding patient services and increasing hospital revenue for sustainability.


Encouraged, the hospital looks forward to expanding its X-ray, ultrasound, and other diagnostic services in the near future.