Casa de Fe

The Casa de Fe is a 100-bed patient guest house located in Antigua, Guatemala. Since 2003, our surgical patients and their families have found clean beds, received hot meals, and recovered in the safety and comfort of the Casa at no cost.

Before the Casa, patients slept on the streets prior to surgery and walked or rode home in the back of pick-up trucks directly after their procedures because they had no money for a hotel or food. Now, they are assured of a safe place and another barrier to receiving their care has been eliminated.

The Casa de Fe provides on average 24,000 bed nights to patients and guests each year. At its heart is the Casa de Fe Chapel. It also serves as additional resting space for mothers and their children when the Casa is overflowing with patients. If the Casa is completely full, Faith In Practice provides hotel housing for overflow, because the organization is always committed to keeping our promises to our patients.

Make a life-changing gift to Casa de Fe through the dedication of a Tile in honor or in memory of a special person.

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