Mobility Clinics

Faith In Practice’s Mobility Program is designed to reach those in need of mobility aids to provide them with a complement of services. Clinics are held within our Village Medical Clinics and as stand-alone clinics conducted throughout the year across Guatemala.

Mobility Clinic Services:

  • Medical Consult
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy Consult
  • Surgical Referral
  • Training on mobility aid usage and pressure sore prevention

Medical Clinics Distribute:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Canes
  • Walkers
  • Referrals for Specialty Wheelchairs

Patient Recruitment System:

  • Our committed Guatemalan volunteers identify patients through their network of contacts in conjunction with the Village Medical Clinics held each year in the areas.
  • Partner and affiliate clinics also refer mobility service recipients. Focusing on certain key relationships, Faith In Practice is leveraging its relationships in Guatemala to conduct stand-alone mobility clinics in conjunction with other partnership initiatives.

Mobility Aid Procurement:

In keeping with Faith In Practice’s commitment to leveraging partnerships to maximize efficiency and impact, we work with several donors and manufacturers on the procurement side to receive and distribute aids many of which come directly from China either at shipping cost alone or at cost.

Impact Multiplied:

The mobility aids and support to the disabled through this program are truly life-changing for the recipients and their caregivers. Oftentimes, patients have spent years relying completely on their family members to carry them on their backs and support them with all of their daily needs. Therefore, the gift of a mobility aid is a gift for the entire family.

These aids also allow our patients to better navigate their surroundings and live with more independence, greater dignity, and the opportunity to live productive and healthy lives.

Finally, some patients come seeking a wheelchair or walker when in fact they need a surgery. Through the referral program, we can eliminate the need for a mobility aid completely.

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