Medical Clinic Teams

Faith In Practice conducts temporary annual medical clinics throughout Guatemala where healthcare is difficult if not impossible to access. Each clinic attends on average 1,000 patients over a four-day period.

Our Guatemalan Volunteer Leaders are key in ensuring a successful clinic. They are responsible for:

Organizing the Logistics of the Medical Clinic including:

  • Working with local authorities to secure the clinic site, including physical location, tents, chairs, etc., to accommodate an average of 250 patients a day.
  • Organizing and managing patient flow and patient and volunteer security.
  • Recruiting on average 50 local volunteers per clinic day, training and assigning them throughout the clinic.

Identifying Patients including:

  • Working with churches, community leaders, municipalities, and rural clinics to identify those in the greatest need of medical or surgical care, arranging for approximately 250 patients to be attended on each clinic day.
  • Organizing these patients by date and specialty to ensure efficient patient flow and maximum use of each clinician.

Our U.S. Volunteer Medical Teams provide/staff the following services:

  • Pediatrics
  • Internal Medicine
  • Family Practice
  • Gynecology, Cervical Cancer Screening
  • Dental Care
  • ENT/Audiology
  • Mobility Clinic (medical checks, PT consult, distribution of wheelchairs/canes/ walkers)
  • Full pharmacy
  • On-Site Lab (EKG/ultrasound/ basic blood and urine analysis)

Surgical Referrals:

Medical Clinic Teams also refer patients for surgery. Surgical candidates are scheduled through our database to one of our surgical teams in Antigua or San Felipe. Travel, food, and housing costs are covered, and their Guatemalan volunteers accompany them throughout the process, staying with them at one of our patient guest houses and accompanying them home.

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