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Because of friends like you, on Friday, October 21, 2022, the Faith In Practice 2022 Gala: Grace and Gratitude exceeded our goals and raised over $946,000 to support medical services in Guatemala.

Faith In Practice could not do all that we do without the support of friends and family members. This evening was a tremendous celebration of the partnerships who have each answered God’s call and made this mission possible.

Faith In Practice cares for our neighbors in Guatemala through short-term medical mission trips because of friends like you. Through this mission and the funds raised at this year’s gala, we can all join as brothers and sisters in Christ to care for the thousands of patients in need of services ranging from general medicine to complex surgical procedures.

Since our beginning, Faith In Practice has always sought to serve our neighbors in need as well as the spiritual growth of our volunteers. It is in this spirit and in gratitude for the grace that we have each experienced in our own lives that we join with our Chairs, Honorary Chairs and Honoree for this year’s gala to extend our thanks to you for your support of this very special event and the work that is done through our ministry.

Images from the Faith In Practice 2022 Gala: Grace & Gratitude are now available to view and purchase online.

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Rev. Linda L. McCarty



Mr. David and Mrs. Bonnie Weekley



Dr. Eric and Mrs. Abigail Berkman

Mr. Steven and Rev. Barbara Retzloff



Dr. Catherine Cahill and Mr. Frederick Brown/

Dr. and Mrs. Matt Heinrich/Dr. Jay Pond/Dr. and Mrs. Mark Woolf

Dr. and Mrs. Sean Boutros

Mr. and Mrs. David Weekley


In Honor of Linda’s Service and Commitment to Hope

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lewis

Mr. Byron Pond

Strake Foundation


Mr. and Mrs. David Cecil/Dr. and Mrs. Cary Moorhead

Mr. Steven and Rev. Barbara Retzloff


Drs. C. Enrique Batres and Susan Sponenberg

Dr. and Mrs. James Bruce

Mr. and Mrs. David Eyre/Mr. and Mrs. Michael Handel

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Forney

Mr. and Mrs. Paul McElroy

Dr. Mary and Mr. Ron Neal

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Pankey/Dr. and Mrs. David Walker/

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wiatt


Dr. and Mrs. Erik Askenasy

Dr. and Mrs. Eric Berkman

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Card/Mr. and Mrs. Curt Webb

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Condon

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harris/Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holloway

Dr. and Mrs. Philip Johnson

Dr. David Mann and Mr. Neal Gorman

Mr. and Mrs. John Merrill

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Morrow

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Parker

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wine


Mr. and Mrs. Larry Barker/Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Flaherty

Dr. and Mrs. David Chenualt

Dr. Lola and Mr. Edward Coke

Drs. Stefano Fusi and E. Stirling Craig

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ewing

Dr. Prisila and Mr. Shane Foss

Dr. and Mrs. Brian Parsley

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Pogodzinski

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Shull

T. Davis Team

Dr. Manish Wani