Surgical Teams

Our surgical teams treat the patients referred by our medical teams. Committed to partnership and to investing in infrastructure to ensure a safe environment for both our surgical teams and for our patients, our volunteer surgical teams operate at one of our two core partnering hospitals:

Las Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro Hospital – Antigua

Faith In Practice has been in partnership with the Obras for more than 25 years. Growing together, Faith In Practice volunteers and staff work beside the dedicated personnel of the Obras. In 2006, Faith In Practice completed the expansion, renovation, and equipping of the operating rooms at Las Obras. This hospital now has eight state-of-the-art operating rooms, allowing complex and staged surgeries to be performed safely.

Hospital Hilario Galindo – San Felipe

Since 2007, Faith In Practice and Hilario Galindo have worked in concert to make Hilario Galindo a medical center for those in need in Western Guatemala. In 2017, Faith In Practice completed an extensive renovation and doubled the size of the hospital, including a four-room operating suite, expansive pre- and post-operative and break-room area, a patient guesthouse, and a chapel on premises.

Our surgical teams represent the following specialties: ENT, Gynecology, General, Orthopedic, Plastics, and Urology. Our surgeons perform surgeries ranging from simple tumor removals to extensive scoliosis and trauma repair, as well as total hip and knee replacements.

Each team of 40-50 individuals performs on average 60-100 surgeries, running four operating rooms per hospital in four days.

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