The Need is Great

Guatemala is considered to have extreme income inequality among Latin American Countries. More than half of Guatemala’s 16 million people live in poverty, defined as less than $2 USD per day.  In addition, Guatemala is home to 23 indigenous Mayan groups, each with their own language. Poverty weighs more heavily on this population; 79% of the indigenous population lives in poverty.  The majority of Guatemalans have basically no access to healthcare.


The Guatemalans who live in the farthest rural areas are the group with the greatest need and they represent our largest group of patients. To reach this group, our volunteers travel to the farthest areas of Guatemala to set up village clinics. These patients are treated in our clinics and those who require surgery are referred to our partnering hospitals.


Currently, our volunteers perform most of the surgeries at Las Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro Hospital and Orphanage in Antigua, Guatemala.  In 2006, Faith In Practice completed the expansion and renovation of the operating rooms at Santo Hermano Pedro.  This hospital now has five state-of-the-art operating rooms.  We also have a partnership with Hospital Hilario Galindo in Retalhuleu where Faith In Practice has invested, and is investing, significant funds to remodel and equip the facilities to ensure a safe environment for both our surgical teams and for our patients.


Faith In Practice also built a clinic with one operating room in Sarstoon and an additional Dental Clinic in San Agustin, El Progreso. We plan to send our surgical teams there in the near future.