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Manuel and Evelyn at Health Talents Mobility ClinicPablo receiving his wheelchair at Hope HavenOur PT Samuel showing Marlon how to use his verticalizerTagni with Guatemalan volunteers in TotonicapánBlanca and Mynor with a patient at Xela Aid mobility clinicAngel at the Patzicia clinicOur physical therapist, Samuel, with Mynor and Sylvia from Hope HavenStaff member Tagni Moncada with Days for Girls groupGuatemalan volunteers receiving care packagesChristmas care packagesJuan and Dra. Patty Baiza at the San José Pinula Mobility ClinicPhysical therapist Samuel Villatoro showing Eulogio how to use his crutchesPhysical therapist Samuel Villatoro and EmmaGuatemalan volunteer, Sandra Xico, with staffStaff members Tagni Moncada and Gaetan Moussa preparing care packages for Guatemalan volunteersGuatemalan volunteer with care package contentsStaff members Gaetan Moussa, Joanne Wessels, and Jaime de Leon hosting the HHG and Providence symposiumCare package deliveryPatient giving thanks for new wheelchair she got from the Mobility ClinicTagni Moncada with patient at Telemedicine clinicFelipe Gutierrez with patient at Telemedicine clinicTagni Moncada with patient at Telemedicine clinicVarinia and her familyProsthetic patient, Varinia, walking on her new legVarinia and MarvinAlesandro and his motherOscar receiving physical therapyTrauma patients triage day at the ObrasEdgar Oswaldo and Jose AntonioJosh with Margarita and Camilo at the Obras
Floridalma’s eyes twinkled as she waited for me to finish triaging a patient at the village medical clinic in Santa Rosa. Beside her stood a little family. Ruben, the father, Josue his son, and Bianca his beautiful twelve-year-old daughter. Ruben had brought Bianca to our Guatemalan volunteer... Read More
The love between the two of them was apparent. His eyes twinkled when he spoke about meeting her for the first time 15 years ago. She blushed slightly and leaned in to gently touch his arm as he spoke. A love story. A love story of tragedy and perseverance. Seven years into their marriage,... Read More
Nestled in the Highlands of Guatemala is the Xela Aid Clinic. In this land of wisping clouds and patches of cultivated fields that cling to the mountainside, the first language is Mam. Many do not speak Spanish or read or write. Most have never left their mountain homes. It is here where... Read More
Camilo says that his beloved wife of 65 years, Margarita, was once very beautiful, and even though she is now old, she still is beautiful because in God we are all restored. He also says she married him because she fell in love with him. As he speaks, she giggles, and you can glimpse the young... Read More
Our Guatemalan volunteers are so excited and thrilled to welcome our U.S. volunteers home to Guatemala! They are excited, thrilled, but above all else, prepared. For months, they have been preparing for the Faith In Practice U.S. volunteer teams to return. And now, on the threshold of the very... Read More
Edgar Oswaldo lives in El Progreso, José Antonio in Montericco. The distance between them is more than 5 hours by car. Without tragedy they probably would never have met. But, through tragedy, they have become, as José Antonio says, brothers. Edgar Oswaldo and José Antonio were each carried... Read More