The Mission Continues

Angel at the Patzicia clinicOur physical therapist, Samuel, with Mynor and Sylvia from Hope HavenStaff member Tagni Moncada with Days for Girls groupGuatemalan volunteers receiving care packagesChristmas care packagesJuan and Dra. Patty Baiza at the San José Pinula Mobility ClinicPhysical therapist Samuel Villatoro showing Eulogio how to use his crutchesPhysical therapist Samuel Villatoro and EmmaSandra Xico, one of our Guatemalan volunteersGuatemalan volunteer, Sandra Xico, with staffStaff members Tagni Moncada and Gaetan Moussa preparing care packages for Guatemalan volunteersGuatemalan volunteer with care package contentsStaff members Gaetan Moussa, Joanne Wessels, and Jaime de Leon hosting the HHG and Providence symposiumCare package deliveryPatient giving thanks for new wheelchair she got from the Mobility ClinicTagni Moncada with patient at Telemedicine clinicFelipe Gutierrez with patient at Telemedicine clinicTagni Moncada with patient at Telemedicine clinicVarinia and her familyProsthetic patient, Varinia, walking on her new legVarinia and MarvinAlesandro and his mother
“Mommy you are already walking!” On Wednesday November the 4th at 10:30am, Varinia received her first prosthetic. Jaime de Leon accompanied Varinia, her husband, and her daughter, to Xela for the fitting, the beginning of the end of a long and arduous journey. Jaime writes, “Varinia was so... Read More
Throughout the pandemic, our dedicated Guatemalan volunteers have served their communities by distributing food, vitamins, and health education materials that they receive monthly in Faith In Practice care packages. In October, the focus of these efforts turned to women’s health, including... Read More
Earlier this year, we held our very first virtual symposium with Hilario Galindo Hospital (HHG) and team members from the Providence-St. Joseph Health system. This is a new program we began as part of our Mission Continues initiatives. We wanted to create an opportunity for one of our partner... Read More
At the end of October, we held three days of mobility clinics in San José Pinula, which is a municipality a little southeast of Guatemala City. San José is one of several new locations where we are holding mobility clinics, We were invited to serve there by the city’s Secretary of Social Work... Read More
In 2016, Faith In Practice piloted a wheelchair clinic program in partnership with Free Wheelchair Mission. Through this program, our volunteer medical clinic teams and surgical teams have assembled and distributed wheelchairs to more than 4,000 Guatemalan patients in need of mobility aids.... Read More
“You know how it is with them,” he said. “Especially the younger ones. When they are hungry, they need to eat. With us, we wait.” Back in May, we heard from Armando about the impact the pandemic was having on his family and his community. Due to the lockdown imposed by the government to limit... Read More