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Today, our surgical team assembled in Guatemala City. Our team is comprised of people from Austin, Houston, Albuquerque, Denver, and Chicago, and it contains multiple surgeons, anesthesiologists, pre and post op (PACU) nurses, nurse anesthetists, circulators, scrub techs, and interpreters in addition to a pastor and a pharmacist.

After the long (thanks to traffic) ride from Guatemala City to Antigua, our team finally settled down in a hotel for our first night in Guatemala. Tomorrow, we’ll make the trip from Antigua to Retalhuleu, and we’ll do triage on Sunday. After triage, we’ll do four days of cases with four fully staffed operating rooms (Monday through Thursday), and on Friday, the doctors will round on patients one last time before we return to Antigua.

Everyone on the team is excited to be here, and we’re eager to start doing cases and serving the people of Guatemala in such a life-changing capacity. We’ll be posting on this blog to share the stories of our trip and the joy that we’re sure it will bring us.

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