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We met bright and early at DFW Airport to begin our journey to Guatemala.   Each team member takes a carry-on bag, reserving checked baggage for the trunks of medical and other supplies for the week.

It takes a lot of coordination in the weeks prior to the trip to gather up and pack the supplies as well as assigning trunks to each team member at the airport.   This process went smoothly, and after everyone had a chance to catch some breakfast, we boarded our (almost) on-time flight to Guatemala City.

We never know what to expect in customs in Guatemala, but we sailed through today with no delays.    We boarded two buses for the 2-3 hour ride to Antigua.   The flight schedule had changed from prior years; we were used to flying in at night and driving in the dark.   Today we arrived mid-afternoon, giving our newest people the opportunity to see Guatemala City and the countryside.

We are staying at the Casa Antigua Hotel for one night, as the prior Faith In Practice team will be departing tomorrow.   Then we will move to our home away from home for the week, the Hotel Quinta De Las Flores.

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