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Dr. Mike shared a morning devotional.

“Shine your light in the midday sun, a bright light will be barely noticed.

Yet in the darkest night, even the smallest light can make an enormous difference.

Similarly, in a dark and troubling situation, even a small positive action can have a tremendous impact.

The most profound opportunities come during times of difficulty because it is at those difficult times that positive efforts have the greatest effect.

Shine your light into the darkness, and no matter how modest that light may be, it will be noticed and appreciated.

When the situation deteriorates, when troubles and challenges and obstacles loom large, rather than lamenting your misfortune, look for ways to make a difference.

At such times, you can wield an enormous amount of leverage by working to redirect negative momentum into positive energy.

Shine your light of positive action in the darkness of a difficult situation.

By so doing you’ll create real and lasting value, and your modest efforts can make a major difference.”

— Ralph Marston

Dr. Mike also spoke about the importance of being present, being grateful. How it matters to have a purpose for the day, an intention. He finished with, “Together through gratitude, purpose and intention we will put forth our light in San Cristobal.”

Today on day one Team Wells saw patients in pediatrics, general medicine, gynecology, ultrasound, ViaCryo, pharmacy, and the lab. They listened and cared. They used their skills and wisdom and hearts to care for all the patients. They administered medicines and kind words.

Often the best medicine doesn’t come from the pharmacy.

One of Dr. Mike’s patients, a 31-year-old woman came in with a list of complaints and yet physically she was healthy. She shared that she’d been told by a doctor that she was suffering from nerves. Between Mike and Interpreter Suzannah, they asked her, “What would cause the doctor to think it was nerves?” When she didn’t know, they further asked “Are you safe at home?” which surprised the patient who said, “Yes, I’m safe.” So they asked, “Is anything troubling you?” The woman lowered her voice, her eyes. She shared that her partner was entering the US and she hadn’t heard from him. She was so worried.

So Mike, with Suzannah interpreting, spoke with her about what we can control and what we can’t. About being grateful. The importance of getting outside every day to walk. About starting her day with gratitude, with intention.

The local volunteers and Red Hats are instrumental in keeping the day flowing, in bringing an extra layer of love and dedication. A highlight today happened because the hot sun was directly on the pharmacy, making our pharmacy team’s jobs more challenging. The local volunteers ingeniously cooked up a solution: hang a massive tarp to provide shade. A man climbed on metal fencing to the rooftop to drape the tarp. We marveled at his courage. Now the sunny end of the community center is in shade. We couldn’t feel more cared for. Thank you volunteers!

Team Wells cares deep and wide. At the end of the day, when we were packed up and heading toward the bus, Dr. Amy spotted a patient carrying her new cane, not using it. Dr. Amy immediately ran after the woman, adjusted the cane to fit, then showed her how to use it. No hesitation. The woman walked out of the clinic, supported by her new cane because of how Amy supported her.

Our grateful hearts are full.

-Annie Gudger


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