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This morning I was thinking about our patients and what they had to endure to get here. How far and how long did they travel? Did they come alone or with a family member? How long have they waited to be relieved of their pain? Are they afraid? Nervous? Happy? I find myself getting emotional watching them climb onto the operating table. I can’t help but wonder what they are thinking and feeling. And what will it be like when they return to their lives? By the time our bus rolls up to the hospital at 7:15am, patients and family members are already waiting outside. The trust these people have to have in our team. They put their faith in us, as do their families and caretakers. I hope we are worthy. I believe God has prepared us to be.

Being here, being a part of this mission and being around the patients and their families, puts your life into perspective. Our devotional this morning focused on faith. Faith that God knows what’s in store for us. Chronicles 29:12 says “In your hands are strength and power to exalt and give strength to all.” This applies to everyone here. I see it in our team and I certainly see it in our patients.

I pause to think of the privilege I have in the US to schedule a doctor’s appointment at my convenience. More than one, even…for multiple issues. Our patients might get this one shot to help ease their suffering. Today I watched all three of our surgeons work together on one patient. She was having a hysterectomy and a fibroid removed from her uterus, and a growth removed from her nose that needed a biopsy; two separate procedures at the same time. I could really feel God’s presence in that moment.

I’ll end with a quick mention of David, a 27-year-old patient who was scheduled to have  a resection, submucous inferior turbinate bilateral (explanation coming up). Today is his birthday and one of our team members said, “I can think of a better way to spend my birthday!” He told her, “No,para mí es un buen cumpleaños porque ahora puedo respirar.”  – “No, for me it’s a good birthday because now I can breathe.”



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