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Today was a busy day! Our team woke up early to go to devotionals with pastor Jon Hurley at 6am, where we began reading the book of Galatians. This week, during our six morning devotionals, we will be going through the six chapters of the book of Galatians. In Galatians, Paul writes to the church in Galatia to explain that the gospel of Christ and the salvation offered by Christ is reliant on faith alone.

Today, our team had an opportunity to live out our faith through service. During triage, each patient that will be operated on this week met first with a general surgeon and then with an anestheisa consult. Tomorrow, we’ll begin our first day of surgeries. The hope and love that we are able to give to each patient today was returned in full fold, and even after just one day at the hospital, our entire team left feeling encouraged and motivated (and tired).

One of the most amazing experiences from today happened just after our team arrived at the hospital: we gathered with all the patients and their families, and Jon led a prayer. As soon as Jon started praying, the entire crowd erupted into a chorus of individual and emotional prayers. Being surrounded by prayer was an awe-inspiring and surprising experience for all of the new team members and a rejuvinating and heart-warming experience for all of the old team members.

One patient that I spoke to today has been suffering from a hernia for over twenty years. Despite this chronic condition that regularly causes pain and discomfort, this patient has continued to work without ceasing. It brings me so much joy to be here with a team that can solve this constant source of difficulty in his life. Many of the patients that we will operate on this week have similar stories, and Faith In Practice is working to find and help people with chronic conditions like this patient throughout Guatemala.

(Pictured: Morning devotional, Lima team gathered with HG staff outside Hospital Hilario Galindo, prayer with patients and their families, an OR being prepared for the first day of cases, a volunteer with a patient, & a patient and her family)

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