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“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” — Wilma Rudolph

Don’t underestimate what God can do with ordinary people.” — David Platt

Whoever came up with “children should be seen and not heard” was probably not a loving grandparent. One of the few times in the Bible when Jesus was angry was when the disciples didn’t think the children were important enough to see Jesus.  Actually the scripture says Jesus was indignant! Jesus then proceeded to teach the disciples that the children were closer to God’s neighborhood than they were.  When the disciples didn’t think they had enough resources to feed a hungry crowd, they found a child with a couple of fish and some bread – – but discounted him and his resources.  However, his sack lunch placed in the hands of Jesus eventually fed thousands.  It’s kind of sad how we discount the worth of others.

One thing we learn on the FIP Village trip is that we all have something to offer to heal our world.  Doctors have training and expertise.  Nurses have hearts and hands.  Translators have ears and language.  Laborers have strength and tenacity.  Volunteers have time and energy.  Drivers have eyes and stamina.  Leaders have commitment and ingenuity.  Pastors have prayers and jokes.  Supporters have resources and compassion.

For fourteen previous FIP trips I served as a dental assistant.  I supported the dentists and distracted the patients.  I am enjoying this year’s opportunity to serve in the mobility clinic.  I’m kind of a fix-it person and like working with tools. Putting together wheelchairs brings joy because life will be so much better for the person and family receiving their new wheels.  One couple who received a wheelchair today was very grateful because the husband has been carrying the wife around for the past two years because she has only one foot.

Our wheelchair team leader is a Guatemalan woman named Blanca.  She showed us how to put the wheelchairs together — which bolts to use and where, the right steps, and when we have gone rogue. If wheelchair making was an Olympic sport, or I had a loved one who needed a wheelchair, I would go with Blanca.   She wields the cordless drill with precision and ease.  She can tie knots without even looking!  Oh, and by the way, she does it all from her wheelchair!  Who better to serve in a wheelchair clinic?  When families receive their new wheelchair, Blanca inspires, and her words speak volumes.

Do you have a Blanca who inspires you?  How can you be a Blanca today?

“Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.” – 1 Peter 4:10

Prayer:  Hey God, Forgive me for not seeing the potential in all your children.  Help me be a Blanca today.  Amen.

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