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Our day begins at 5:30 AM with our morning devotional.  Pastor Jason opens by reading Psalm 23.
This may be one of the most widely known chapters in the Bible.  These scriptures offer both comfort and hope when we find ourselves amid hard times.

Psalm 23 gives us the promise that we are never alone.  God is always with us; we only need to trust in Him. God’s word does not say that we will escape facing difficult challenges, but instead He promises that He will walk through these valleys with us. During this week, we may encounter obstacles and we are certain to see patients that are living through difficult times.  We must always try to be mindful that everyone’s life has a story and we do not know their situation.  It is so comforting to know that God is with us on our life’s journey, through the good times and the dark valleys.

We had a quick breakfast and headed to the clinic. The lines waiting for us to arrive seemed longer than the day before.  All the providers and other team members went straight to work assisting with the needs of the patients.

Today we had a very special little boy seen in our pediatric department.  Matco is an 11-year-old young man who was born with only three fingers and a thumb on his left hand.  Although he had surgery as a small boy, his deformity has become more disabling.  Currently he is unable to straighten his fingers.  He was referred for surgery and will then need intensive physical therapy.  Matco has a wonderful smile and a great attitude.  He and his mother were very grateful and thanked the doctor many times for offering them an option of hope.

We also saw a patient that only speak K’iche, which is one of 23 indigenous languages in Guatemala.  This woman was accompanied by a community leader who speaks Spanish and K’iche and translates for her to help with her medical concerns.  They traveled from a mountainous region 2 ½ hours away.  The woman wore a beautiful indigenous Mayan skirt and embroidered blouse, call a traje.  These blouses are handmade, and each design has a specific meaning. You can see these lovely ladies all around Guatemala working on these beautiful pieces.  Different villages have their own design.  The Guatemalans will happily explain the meaning of each design and what village the design represents.  Most of the pieces take over a month to create, depending on the details and size of the garment.   Over ¾ of the indigenous Mayans in Guatemala live in poverty.  Faith In Practice helps provide them with access to health care.

Both above-mentioned patients posed for a photograph to share on Faith In Practice’s website.

We ended our day at 4:30 and shut down the clinic.  The truck was loaded and headed to our next clinic site, Escuela Official Rural Mixta Aldea, in La Guitarra.  The Faith In Practice volunteers will drive to the school and unload the truck, separating and placing all of the items in their appropriate departments.  Tomorrow morning the Tysse team members will quickly organize their exam areas and begin seeing patients. We anticipate another busy day and for the temperature to reach a high of 95 as we will be closer to the coast.

Day two of clinic numbers:                                      511

General medicine department                                133

Pediatric department                                                75

OBGYN department                                                   48

Orthopedic department                                           36

Audiology department                                              18

Hearing aid fittings        12

VIA Cryo department                                                57

Dental department                                                    48

Extractions                       81

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