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During our team devotional a few days ago, we heard about how salt flavors, enhances, and preserves food.  We talked about how we can be salt to others, and how we can all make things a bit better.  There are parts of our mission team that are sometimes considered auxiliary to the main focus, but they certainly enhance what we can accomplish as a team, and in turn make things better for those whom we serve.

Kathie is responsible for the distribution of reading glasses within our team.  It’s her second mission trip in which she’s helped our patients select the correct reading glasses from those that are available.  Today she guided Marcelina to the best eyeglass strength so that she can more easily see what she’s sewing.  Marcelina is 33 and has 4 children, and sewing for her family is an important role as a mother.  During the day, Kathie is likely to assist dozens of patients.  Often Kathie’s patients tell her that they are eager to read their bible or that they need the glasses to work in the kitchen.  While the patients who are directed to this department are given reading glasses, the glasses will also be put to use in other areas of their daily life.

The Ultrasound Department is new to Team Thompson this year, and has enhanced the ability for our doctors to provide a more precise diagnosis for our patients.  Early today Rachelle, our team Radiologist met Ana who is in her early thirties.  Ana was sent to the Ultrasound department because of a suspected ovarian cyst.  While many ovarian cysts are completely normal, what Rachelle discovered was a 15cm cyst.  With the use of the ultrasound machine it was determined that the cyst was severe enough to refer her to a gynecologist, and the cyst will need to be removed.  Failure to remove the cyst could prove to be dangerous for this young woman, which amplifies how important the ultrasound was to clarify the diagnosis.  Later in the day, a young boy with what appeared to be an enlarged testicle was sent to Ultrasound from Pediatrics.  Rachele was able to determine that the young boy had a varicocele, which is a fluid collection that does not damage the testicle and can be treated.  This turned what appeared to be an immediate need to something much less urgent.

Another auxiliary service Team Thompson provides is Physical Therapy.  Karen does double duty on the team as our Spiritual Leader and also the physical therapist in the mobility clinic.  One of her young patients today was a boy in his early teens name Baudelío.  He was experiencing knee pain, and she got down on the floor with him to work through some stretching exercises which will relieve the pain he is experiencing.

Every day brings new stories of how each member of our team contributes to the big objective of positively impacting the lives of the patients we’re seeing in El Progreso.

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