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Monday has arrived! Monday is a very significant day because it marks the first day (of many) for surgery, bringing new challenges, friendships, hope and healing for the Faith In Practice staff, volunteers and also for our patients. We started the day, bright and early by waking up at 6am where we all met for breakfast and devotional. During devotional, Pastor Seth spoke about CS Lewis and his autobiography titled “Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life”. In this book, CS Lewis describes his quest for the comprehensive answer to his inherent longing for joy, the moments that changed him, and the source and author of joy – God. Seth encouraged us to reflect – what has surprised us this week? How is God working through the team and how can we be transformative? What are those moments that you have eyes to be the son/daughter of God?

There is a particular story, that both surprised and sparked joy in many of us, showing how God continues to work through us this week. Marlene, a young 6-year old girl, came in to the Obras with her family, to be fitted for a wheelchair because she was having trouble walking. Marlene’s feet had grown entirely inverted so that she was walking on the outside of her feet and had developed large legions close to her ankle. A team member saw Marlene in the waiting area at the Wheelchair Clinic and spoke with her parents, asking if she had seen a doctor for her feet. They replied, “no”. They immediately went and grabbed two of our orthopedic doctors and Marlene was promptly evaluated by Dr. Conrad and Dr. Beaver. The doctors determined that she would be a great candidate for surgery and that with a corrective procedure, Marlene would be able to walk again and live a healthy and happy life!!! The Team is currently working hand-in-hand with the in-country Faith In Practice Team to get her into Faith In Practice system and schedule surgery.

This is a truly a perfect story of a transformative moment that will have a lasting impact on Marlene, her family, and all the volunteers that are able to help. It also shows the full circle of the Faith In Practice system and the continuous reach of the organization. We are all so excited to share more stories of the continued surgery success!

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