Monthly Devotionals

Faith In Practice Monthly Devotionals

Our CEO, Rev. Linda McCarty, writes a special devotional each month for the Faith In Practice family. You can subscribe here to receive it by email on the first Friday of every month. Or you can read the latest, and browse all of the devotionals, below.

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September 4 – You are here. Yes, I am. 

Sometimes, when we pray, our words tumble over each other in a rush. Loudly, they crowd each

other out. Sometimes, jumbled words deafen. Sometimes, when we pray and no words come, we

strain to listen. Loudly, the absence of sound echoes in a cavern of darkness. Sometimes, God’s

silences deafen.Sometimes, our hearts burn within us and we know we have heard God’s voice, and

God has heard ours. Prayer. Essential and elusive. Comforting and enigmatic. Fraught with expectation.


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