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The team left as two separate groups from 2 different airports Friday and united as one late in the afternoon. It was a time to get to know each other, have a great meal, and prepare for the week ahead.
On Saturday after breakfast, we loaded the bus and headed to Retahuleu (Reu for short). Our team is made up of 24 people from different backgrounds and experience. We range in age from 18 to over 80! For some it is the first trip. For other it is a return to Guatemala and for one couple, this team marks the 100th Faith In Practice team served!
When asked “why did you come to Guatemala” many team members stated that it was to use their talent in a more selfless way—to use the gifts given by God to serve those in need.
As we prepare to be God’s hands and feet this week, I am reminded of 1 Cor 12 10:12, 27 and Matthew 24:40 which essentially say we are all one body in Christ and that “when you help the least of these, you have helped me”. Having been on prior trips, I am absolutely certain if we keep Jesus in front of us and with us, all we come in contact with will be blessed with healing touch and I also know that each of our team members, new or seasoned with come away just as blessed.
Triage day is tomorrow. We will meet our patients and set up surgery schedules. Stay tuned for our progress this week and thank you for all of your prayers!

-Laura Cousar

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