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Another beautiful day in the city of Antigua. Started breakfast with a beautiful view, followed by diving into God’s word. The day took me to see my first surgery, and it was a powerful experience. A gentleman was getting an external fixator removed (in layman’s terms, a big piece of metal that sticks out of the leg to help with bone stability). This man had been wearing the fixator for more than three years. That meant no rolling onto your right side. His pants had to be cut out to accommodate the metal sticking out, and he had difficulty walking. And the words he kept repeating. Were “God is faithful, God is good.” His face showed serenity, and he showed so much patience and faith in God. Later that day, we got him walking to begin his rehab and bring him back to enjoy his beautiful life. After our day had ended, we took a few moments to enjoy a Catholic Church nearby and look at handmade purses. Then we finished the day enjoying our colleagues and celebrating Linda and all her hard work!

Sebastian Lopez, Physical Therapy Student.

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