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We began our morning at 6:30 AM in the lovely Jade Salon of our hotel, Las Farolas.  Pastor Jason opened by reading Psalm 121.  Many believe this scripture was recited or even sung by the Israelites as they traveled along their journey to Jerusalem.  This Psalm offers words of encouragement and reassurance that Our God is with us through whatever journey our lives may take.  Jason reminded us that we too were beginning a journey today as we travel to our first clinic in the town of San Francisco Zapotitlan.  This journey may present challenges, difficulties or unexpected turns, but just as God was with the Israelites, He is also with us.

We loaded the buses and departed at 8:00 SHARP.  The trip took approximately 3 hours to reach the school, which would be used for our clinic.  The volunteer Guatemalans for Faith In Practice arrived shortly before our buses and began unloading and setting up the clinic.  The many helpers made this job go very quickly.   Each area of the clinic was set up by lunch time and ready to serve the hundreds of patients which will begin arriving Monday morning.

Once everything was ready at the clinic, we drove to Hospital Hillario Gallindo for a tour of the newly renovated facility.  Faith In Practice has played a pivotal role in the reorganization and improvements of this hospital in order to better serve the people in this area.  The hospital now has 4 new operating rooms, clean waiting areas for patients and their families, a new chapel and Casa de Milagros (House of Miracles).  Casa de Milagros is the sister facility of Casa de Fe in Antigua offering the same compassionate care for the patients during both their pre-op and post-op time.  The generous support Faith In Practice receives from our many donors will greatly assist in the continued growth and improvements in the life-changing health care the people receive at this facility.

We loaded our busses and headed to our hotel for a couple hours of free time.  At 6:00 we gathered for instructions for our first day of clinic.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner before retiring to bed for a very early start to a busy clinic day.

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