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Today Is the first day of surgery and we are already on a very productive start. This morning during devotional, Father Lahart talked about God continuing his creative work in the world while we were watching El Fuego erupt. God created us with unique and special skills that allow us to stand out. Here in Antigua, we are using are God given talents to help provide a make a difference in the life of those who suffer from life-inhibiting issues. We have 15 orthopedic procedures going on throughout the day, which is the light day of the week. I was lucky to look in on a total knee with doctors Harrington and Young. The patient did not have any cartilage in the knee from years of hard work. They cut away bad bone and replaced it with a metal knee implant to help relieve her pain and give her some mobility with her right leg. I found the procedure fascinating!!

During our trips, there is always a first time for both patient and volunteers. For many of the patients today, it is the first time getting surgery, but there is a calm peace with them because they have faith in our staff and God. The thought of going through a surgery can be frighting to anyone at any age, but they know that they must take the risk to make a change in their lives. For me, Today was the first time I have ever seen my Dad scrub in surgery. He has prior experience as a scrub tech in the United States Air Force, so he uses those skills volunteering with Faith and Practice for the last 14 years. I was just so surprised to see him in the operating room getting everything setup and helping Dr’s Harrington and Young during the total knee procedures today. What a blessing that I get to serve with both my parents and friends.

-Ryan Foss


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