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Our morning devotions today were led by Gavin, Shelly, and Linda.  They spoke about how our patients can easily be defined by their illness and lose their personal identity.  We’re reminded that this isn’t just physical healing we’re working on with our patients, but healing for the whole person.  We have been just as blessed by having the opportunity to be a part of the process.

Our team walked over to the hospital to get set up at 7:00 a.m.  Once we scrubbed up and got things rolling, we worked a few logistics out and  the operating rooms were ready.  We then began to prep the patients and the surgeries began!

Today our three teams performed a total of 10 surgeries.  Dr. Herbst’s team conducted four foot surgeries (including correcting a club foot on a five year old patient).  Dr. Mike Berend’s team worked through three knee surgeries, and Dr. Lombardi and Dr. Keith Berend joined together to perform three hip surgeries.  All in all, today involved some of the more complex surgeries of the week.

Everyone was in a great mood at the end of the day and very happy with how things turned out!

Afterwards, our team went back to the hotel to hang out together in the dining area for the rest of the evening.  Although Covid has impacted where we can go, our team has gelled together and we are enjoying our time!

Now we’re ready to get back to the hospital and do our rounds to see how the patients are doing!

Join us again tomorrow to hear the update!

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