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1st Round of Recoveries!

In today’s devotional at the end of breakfast, Gavin spoke to our team about Jesus walking on water and how Peter tried to follow him. He challenged us to remember where we came from, who taught us, and who will follow after us.  It was a great moment to remember we are chosen to participate in greater works through him (John 14).

As our team from across multiple states, along with our team here in Guatemala, bonds together, we’re grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of God’s great works.  It’s humbling and a blessing for us to have the opportunity to see God’s love impact not only our patients, but our team as well.

Today was a special blessing as our first round of patients began their journey of recovery.  Our physical therapist and team were able to work with them to learn how to begin walking again.  They practiced with walkers and crutches throughout the hallways and on stairs (if they needed this for their home situation).  Our team worked hard to prepare each patient for their recovery process when they return home.

Each of our surgical teams performed another three to four surgeries today as well before heading back for rest.  To see the gratefulness of the patients…there are no words to describe how it fills us.

In the evening we were blessed to have Elizabeth Bell give our team a presentation about Antigua.  She showed a video about its history, restoration, architecture, and how tourism plays such a vital role.

Now it’s time to rest up for tomorrow.

We’re looking forward to sharing with you what God continues to do in our next post!

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