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724 Cahill/Dawson Surgery – Tuesday, 4-5-22

I was warned against using the words “quiet” or “calm” in the medical field. The minute you say that, the bottom will fall out, and something will go angry… BUT that didn’t happen today with Olinda. On Sunday, I met Olinda in triage and saw her again in the pre-op room before her surgery. She was so sweet and unique. I asked her how she was feeling, and she said, “Totalmente tranquila y lista” “Totally calm and ready”. I was surprised by her even and soft-spoken nature because most everyone has been at the very least a little nervous. Not Olinda. She said she has been praying and waiting for the moment and that she has complete faith in God and in the doctors. I’m tearing up now thinking about it because it affected me so much. She put me at ease about her procedure instead of the other way around. Later, when she woke up, she wasn’t confused or scared. She didn’t even say she felt fine or ok; She said right as she opened her eyes, “Me siento completamente cómoda” “I feel completely comfortable.” She smiled sweetly and then went right back to sleep.

It’s Lent in Antigua, a special time for Guatemalans and Catholics everywhere. From what I understand, Antigua usually knocks it out of the park with elaborate processions and celebrations during these 40 days. However, with COVID still very much an issue here, most of that has been canceled… The decorations are still about, though, which I’ve enjoyed the last few days. Today when I walked out of the hospital, I noticed a beautiful flower arrangement placed on the side of the building, spelling out PAZ, which means Spanish for Peace. I felt at peace admiring those flowers and thinking of Olinda, knowing she was resting peacefully tonight.


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