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724 Cahill/Dawson Surgery – Thursday, 4-7-22

Yesterday I wrote about building camaraderie outside of the hospital after work, but I must share how many connections are being made during the day at The Obras.

Julia and Olga nurses are two of the nurses in the PACU, along with our three nurses from Faith In Practice: Lorraine, Danielle, and Tocia. This team of five has a pretty awesome groove going. Neither of the Guatemala nurses speaks English, nor do any Faith and Practice nurses speak Spanish. However, I’ve witnessed them communicating beautifully with the patients, and just a few words can go a long way. Their team works magic together every day, taking what comes, settling patience after surgery, then sending them on their way to recovery.

Across the hall, Nurse Wendy, from FIP has been working alongside Obras Nurse Ana in OR 3, along with Sean (scrub tech), Dr. Jones (anesthesiologist), and Dr. Nies and Dr. Scott (Ortho surgeons)l week. Again, with the vocabulary limitations, you might think the job would be difficult, but these skilled people know what they’re doing and are getting the job done with smiles, little inside jokes, and even a dance party to boot! (Side note: Ana has worked here at The Obras for 26 years. Safe to say she’s seen it all!).

This week is work, but it’s been fun, too. Top it off with the most memorable patients. I now see why some of these team members have returned year after year. I’ve enjoyed the new friends, and the experience would be an understatement. So many patients have said how blessed they feel, but Dr. Granberry said, and I agree, “We are the ones who are blessed.’


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