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Authored by Kathleen Empsucha, Mobility Clinic Intake Nurse

Today a young man arrived at the clinic stretched out on a patio chaise lounge with casts on both legs.  It was obvious that his left leg could not bend at the knee.  Our wheelchairs though perfect in many ways, are not constructed to support an elevated straight leg.  But we have a secret weapon in our armamentarium named Byron, so no problem. When it comes to wheelchair assembly and modification, he is top drawer.   He went to work and quickly constructed the necessary part. Together with our PT team, he created the perfect chair to meet our patient’s needs. After 2 months of lying on a vinyl recliner 24/7, he was sitting up and able to move about.  I was again inspired by the can-do attitude of our team reinforcing my belief that where there is a will (and a Byron), there is a way.

Authored by Betsy McKaig, OR Nurse

You have traveled many hours by bus or scooter, through the rain, waited several hours in the heat, spent the night in unfamiliar territory, all to get to this point.

A stranger picks you up and takes you away from the only familiar thing, your mama. You hold on tight to this stranger, not knowing what’s to come or where you are going, but it’s the only thing you can trust at this moment.

I am a surgical nurse, I have you in my arms, I am holding onto you because I want to be nowhere else but right here with you in this moment and you don’t even know it, but I know you can feel it. We walk into a room occupied by a team that has traveled far and wide to share this moment with you.

The world is so big but we have all been led to this very moment in time together. Your bravery, courage, and strength give light to those that are here on this journey together as a team. WE are inspired by you.

To support this team and their commitment to our patient’s visit:

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