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As patients from yesterday are discharged home, others will receive their surgeries. We will perform 13 surgeries today including gall bladder removal, hernia repair and lipoma removals.

When the patients are discharged each one is given a hygiene kit prepared by volunteers at Sugar Land Methodist Church. We also gave out children’s dresses provided by volunteers at Belmore Baptist Church of San Angelo.

Although surgery is the primary focus of the trip, much happens behind the scenes. Coffee and other items are available for purchase. The proceeds go directly to Casa de Fe in Antigua which provides a place to stay for families of patients having surgery. They and the patient are allowed to stay 1-2 days as needed prior to travelling back to their home. We also take toys, school supplies and teacher supplies that have been donated from both San Angelo and Sugar Land to the preschool next door to the hospital

Today we met Leison, a 13 year old boy who had surgery to repair a hernia. He told us he is not sure how he got hurt, but thinks it was from playing soccer last year. He travelled about 1 hour with his mother from Mazatenango to this hospital. He told us he has not been able to play soccer due to the pain and hopes when he gets better he will be able to play again. Leison is in school and states that he wants to study to be a surgeon. We told him to study hard as good surgeons are always needed.

It is humbling to hear the stories of our patients. Most of them have waited quite a long time for their surgery, but remain grateful and happy. They all ask God’s blessings on us but really it is the team that is blessed to be here. Thank you for your ongoing prayers.

-Laura Cousar


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