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Surgery Day 3

Sitting and waiting for devotionals, I looked around and saw the Spirit of God in the faces around me. Most were tired but determined to carry on. We prayed the prayer of Francis of Assisi, and I realized this team is an instrument of God’s Peace. They are tired but continue to give all they have to help the people of Guatemala have a better life.

We visited the Convalescence Ward, where the patients were seen by the doctors and given the clearance to be discharged home. Such joy and gratitude were showing on their faces. Their families were outside waiting to bring their loved ones home.

One of those discharging today was a 22-year-old named Lisbeth. She was excited to be going home to see her three-year-old son. She is a single parent and lives with her mother. She works at the local Taqueria from 9:00 in the morning to 9:00 at night. She is the “supervisor” but said she does everything. She works seven days a week at 12 hours a day to provide for her son. After a few days’ rest, she will be back to work. May she be blessed with a speedy recovery.

Tomorrow we will visit those being discharged and gather more stories of miracles and changed lives.

As I reflect on the day, I remember the prayer of Assisi that we prayed this morning: Amid the despair, FIP provided hope; amid darkness, FIP provided light, and where there was sadness, FIP provided joy.

The patients that were her today carried with them despair, darkness, and sadness. Through the dedication of FIP, they left with hope, light, and joy.

May FIP continue to provide many more opportunities to the people of Guatemala.

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