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Team Wells served 971 patients and the mobility clinic gave out 102 wheelchairs this week, all in four days. Remarkable results, generously supported by FIP staff and the local volunteers. While Team Wells was small this year, as Dr. Wells said, “everybody stepped up and worked at a higher level.” Plus, he added, “We got to know each other better.”

Today we traveled back to Antigua where we said, “Good-bye. We’ll see you next time” to the FIP staff. They’re people who work tirelessly, with compassion and humor too because that old saying is true: laughter is the best medicine.

We had time to explore/re-explore Antigua and finished the evening with a delicious meal in the city.

A friend says, “Be a human Thank you.” We thank the people of Guatemala, the local volunteers (Red Hats), the FIP staff who make the magic happen. We thank our leaders of leaders: Dr. Bob Wells, Dr. Jim Carlisle, and Scot Gudger. Pictured here are the three amigos. They gave their all once again. They’re the glue, the underbeat of this team that holds us all together. It’s been a joy-filled week. We are all more for the gifts of humanness from the people we served. As Dr. Wells said: “It’s important we don’t look at the work as a job, but it’s a higher ministry.” That higher ministry fills our hearts.

The heart is a muscle. Always remember. It needs exercise and breath and food. Feed it. Grow it. Listen to it beat and purr. Listen to the love that spills out, that lights the world.

Team Wells travels home early tomorrow. Dr. Wells summed up the week beautifully: “We’re bone tired, but satisfied that we met our patients’ needs. And we have a new appreciation for our team members.”

Until next time. Be well. With love from the team to the people of Guatemala.

-Annie Gudger

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