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Monday, the first day of the mobility clinic, we served 34 patients of all ages. Most of the patients were assisted by family members as they could not walk in on their own.
Our Physical Therapists, Val and Ira, assessed their needs and specifically fit wheelchairs for our patients.
The pediatric chairs from Hope Haven, we’re constructed with specific measurements for each child. Val brought a large variety of ambulatory accessories to accommodate other needs they may have and added some to the chairs.
It was a long process for the children and their mothers, who waited patiently, calming and reassuring them it would be alright. The team worked together with translators to keep communicating instructions, asking questions, and encouraging each patient.
With compassion and understanding in their hearts and with the resources available, the FIP mobility team helped change these people’s lives and give them hope for their future.
The mobility clinic will continue to serve patients all week and bless lives.

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