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Today was the day when the whole team come together and introduce themselves to each other and knows who they will be working with. We came from different states and our first meeting destination is Houston airport. Some of us are meeting for the first time and few rekindle the friendship and bond that was created in previous mission trips. It is incredible to see how people come from different states/professions and work as a team. We are all here to serve people in Guatemala and optimize their health.

There was a lot of excitement and willingness energy among the group. It seems everyone was so eager to go to the clinic and help as many people as they can. Team Bullard 742 consists of the following beautiful souls: Team director, administrator, nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners, pharmacist, interpreters and photographer/blogger. Once we got to the Guatemala, we were greeted by wonderful coordinators: Tagni and Julia. They organize our transport from the airport to Antigua and made sure we were comfortable. The kindness and love they showed toward the team was remarkable.

There are few quotes by Mother Teresa I would like to share to start this village mission:
“If you can’t feed hundred people, then just feed one.”
“It is not what we do but how much love we put into it.”
“Peace begins with a smile.”
“Helping hands are better than praying lips.”

We are all here to serve people and it doesn’t matter what part of country they come from.
Let the adventure of God’s work begin!

Waheguru Singh


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