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If you know the Robinson team, you know the only thing that can be expected is the unexpected. This trip is no exception to that. The team arrived in Guatemala City late Saturday night and spent the night in Antigua, before heading out early the next morning for Caballo Blanco, the village we will be serving the next four days. When we arrived at the church to set up the clinic, we found a church service was being held where we planned to set up the triage stations. In the interest of protecting both our team and the people in attendance, the decision was made to postpone setting up the clinic until Monday morning before patients arrived. The team demonstrated amazing flexibility and adaptability as we got back on the bus and headed for the hotel. Members of the team then got to enjoy an evening off in preparation for day one of the clinic.

Day 1 of clinic started bright and early, team members were in the dining room for breakfast at 5:30 in the morning. Despite the hour, spirits were high and people were ready to begin the work. Buses were loaded promptly and the team was off!

Immediately upon arrival volunteers and staff jumped into action. The trucks were unloaded and the clinic assembled! By 9am patients began coming through the gates and started their way through the clinic. They began at triage, where volunteers take basic information, and help determine where they should go next. We had amazing people in all areas, ready to take on the patients sent to them! Despite the late start to the day, the team made great time and finished the last patients around 6pm.

After a long but rewarding day, the team packed up the clinic and hit the road back to the hotel, where we finished the day with dinner and a devotional centered around service. It’s safe to say that the members of the Robinson team will sleep well after today, before getting up tomorrow for another day! Once again, the Robinson team proves that through fire, pandemics, and any twist you can throw our way, we get down and get the job done.

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