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Today was a successful second day at the clinic in Caballo Blanco! After a rather chaotic beginning to the day yesterday, day two ran smoothly as people settled into a rhythm and rounded the learning curves. Without having to set up in the morning, patients were able to enter the clinic on time and in their groups, eliminating some of the flow issues from yesterday. This gave me the time to be able to meet some patients and talk to volunteers to learn about some of the cases that they took on.

The first patient I talked to was an elderly woman who had come with her family to the clinic. She was completely immobile, so her family carried her around in a beautiful woven chair. I talked to them when they were waiting to be seen by our mobility clinic to be fitted for a wheelchair. They explained to me how she couldn’t move herself around, so they carried her everywhere in her chair, and how they were very excited for the possibility of a wheelchair. Something that I’ve noticed, and that was especially showcased in this case, is how committed families are to caring for their family members who have some sort of ailment. These women carried her around in her chair so she could get places for who knows how long until they were able to come to Faith in Practice. The level of commitment we see with patients and their families here is beautiful.

Another case that I got to see was a 31-year-old woman, who came in with a large mass in her neck. She told us that it had been there for about a year and a half now. She had been to a local doctor once before about it, but they were unable to determine what it was or how to treat it.  After lab testing, ultrasound, and examination by our amazing providers, it was determined to be a mass most likely on her thyroid, that would need to be treated with surgery. Thanks to a committed and diligent team of doctors, she was able to get a reference for surgery, and will be seen by a surgery team soon.

These were only two of the many cases that came through the clinic today. All together the team saw over 200 patients, each with unique stories that we had the privilege of serving. After the clinic wrapped up for the day, the team met for dinner and a devotional, led by Marie with the help of Jasmine translating. They spoke about gratitude, and how we all should show great gratitude for this amazing country and the opportunities it provides for us to serve. An important thought as we head into day three of clinic tomorrow.

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