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We made it!

After a long day of travel, our team is here in Guatemala!  With the impacts of Covid worldwide over the last year or so, our team is very grateful to  finally be here.   There’s something to be said about being on mission together and the energy it creates for everyone.

Wearing our blue Fatih In Practice shirts made it easy to recognize everyone in our team of 25 at the airport.  Once there, we piled tightly into a couple vans for the two hour commute through some beautiful landscape before arriving in Antigua.   We can’t say enough about how it felt when we were warmly welcomed with gifts at our hotel by Gavin and his family!

It has been such a joy to partner with Faith In Practice.  Today, we had the privilege to hear from Faith In Practice’s President and CEO, Rev. Linda McCarty.  She shared with us her vision for the week and the mission of our trip.

After our leaders reviewed the upcoming week’s logistics with us, we took a little break before sitting down for dinner together.  Then it’s time for some rest before we begin the week’s work!

We’re super excited about what’s in store and hope you follow along with us on our daily blog!

Keep an eye out for our next post tomorrow!

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