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We started off this morning at 6am with our daily devotional. During this blessing, I heard something that stood out to me today; “When the discouraged cry for hope, make me hope”. This really stands out to me as I write this because after a long day of preop clinic, I know we are providing hope to all the patients we saw today. There were multiple cases I listened to during triage about people needing help with hernias, hearing problems and various other medical impediments that affect their everyday lives. I was able to sit in on a patient visit with Dr. Pogo earlier this morning, as he talked to a young man named Luis. He had chronic ear infections most of his life and is not able to hear out of that ear at all. His other ear is also damaged. Dr. Pogo preformed some tests on him and said that the damage to is right ear was so severe that it was probably irreversible, but he would go in and drain the fluid and do his best. Luis started to cry at this news but he told Dr. Pogo that he had faith in God that he would get better. He was relieved that Dr. Pogo would do the operation and possibly relieve some of his issues, even though he cannot bring back hearing to his right ear. Luis is right, though. It is only by the power of God that we are able to make a difference in the lives of these Guatemalans and to give them hope.
To finish this day’s blog off, we were given a question at the end of our devotional this morning; “what are you hoping for this week?” I hope that all the patients I came into contact with today find healing for their medical problems and that we can make a positive change in the lives of these people.

Taylor Foss

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