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We were treated with a special surprise today as we pulled into the hospital. A group of local volunteers of Faith in Practice wanted to thank us for all the help we have been providing for the patients and gifted us some pens with “Guatemala” embroidered on them as a small token of their appreciation and said that the gifts were a part of their Mayan culture to show gratitude. One of the volunteers, Armando, gave a small speech and said that they appreciated us coming down and spending time away from our families to help them and said that what we are doing is making a difference in the lives of those who live here. Another gentleman named Foster, who used to be a teacher long ago, said he loved how we have strong principles and values.
I was able to watch a very interesting surgery today with Dr. Tierney as he took out a bladder stone. When he finally pulled out the stone, it was around the size of a peach pit. This stone had been causing a lot of problems for the patient and he is going to get a lot of relief after this surgery. Another big surgery that I was able to observe was Dr. Pogo’s last surgery, which was removing a large parotid tumor from the left side of a patient’s face. This tumor was larger than a golf ball and it was in a very dangerous place where some of the facial nerves are located. If he were to cut one of those nerves, the patient could suffer paralysis and loss of motor function in the face. The surgery was long and tedious, but successful. And best of all the patient was very grateful after her surgery.

Taylor Foss

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