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Today is Monday, which means we are beginning our week of surgeries. During today’s devotional, we talked about how we must value every patient we work with and treat them with acceptance, respect and empathy. Every single patient that we come into contact with comes from a different place, background and circumstance. The one thing they all have in common is their lack of access to medical care in this country where the system is broken. God taught us that we should help those who are less fortunate than us and we must always remember to do this in a respectful way. I was able to follow up and watch in on Dr. Pogo’s case with Luis. As a “non medical” person, I found it fascinating to see Dr. Pogo’s technique on how to cover the hole in the patient’s left ear. The patient did well and was comfortable and grateful in the recovery room. Today I witnessed how our team worked together to take care of the patients with warm hearts and big smiles.

Taylor Foss

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