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Today was our first day of surgery. We try to keep the first day a little light since a lot of our volunteers are new to our hospital. The hospital is located in a church that is about 400years old. The church covers an entire city block. The formal name is Las Obras Sociales de Santo Hermano Pedro which translates The Social Works of Saint Brother Peter. Brother Pedro was a Franciscan friar who lives about 400years ago. The church was named in his honor. If really does function as a social service network for the poor. It does have a beautiful sanctuary for church services but most of the building is dedicated to social services and the hospital. The Franciscans still operate the whole facility. It has 5 operating rooms and all that goes with it. It is basically a surgery center with 24 to 48 hour stay capability. It is quite modern after an extensive renovation last year. Today was a full day in spite of a light schedule. A number of challenging cases today and more to come this week. The team has gelled nicely today. Everyone has a dedication to their work and great attitudes. This activity tends to attract those types. We covet your prayers for our patients and our team. More to come. Blessings to all.

-James Bruce

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