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Pictured here is a 15 year old young man with a foot deformity since birth. This is called a club foot in which the foot is in a fixed turned-in position so he walks on the outside of his foot. He can’t put his foot flat. For you poetry lovers think Lord Byron who lived his life with a club foot.  In the USA this can be corrected by non- surgical means by 6 months. Surgery is rarely needed. If surgery is necessary then it is done by age 1 year. At age 15 there is no option except surgery. We operated to correct the deformity Wednesday. We took photos before applying the cast so he could see the correction of his foot. The big smile on his face was more than enough reward for our efforts. I also included a photo of Linda McCarty, CEO of Faith in Practice and our fearless leader. Blessings to you all.

-James Bruce

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