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Dear Family and Friends,

It’s Monday our Faith in Practice clinic is assembled. The team starts their day at 6:00AM. First devotions, then breakfast, and we are on the bus by 8:00AM. We are on the road to Monjos, Jalapa! Our bus is quiet. Some of us are first year and have no idea what to expect. Most are repeat team members. As we approach our MASH style clinic patients for today, we have formed lines with the help of our “red cap” volunteers who once were patients themselves. They now help others from their village. Armando was once one of these patients. He is now responsible for bringing hundreds of patients to our clinic for care. We could not do this work without these wonderful volunteers.

As our room fills, looks of hope are on all faces in anticipation of help, and they wait quietly, orderly,most with family in tow. Babies were crying in fear, possibly the first time seeing a Doctor. Mothers are anxious with the news all of us want to hear “Your baby is healthy”! Husbands carrying wives, daughters were carrying mothers all with the hope of some help within these next four days.

Meanwhile, I visit our wheelchair clinic, Arnaldo our nurse practitioner welcomes a mother with her 32-year-old daughter , Aphelia, a pretty girl all bent and disfigured. She has been this way for only two years. We fit her with a wheelchair, hopefully, this will give Aphelia some freedom and lessen some burden for her mother.

Sweet Sayla has also just come into our wheelchair clinic. She is 21 years old and is mangled for Cerebral Palsy, she has never seen a doctor, we give her a referral for a Neurologist and a wheelchair which hopefully will help her to be more comfortable and mobile.

I do not know God’s plan for these two lovely ladies . I do know that
they have their fabulous families and God to help them through this journey called life. Please keep our patients of today and the ones to come in your prayers. When two or more say, his name, miracles can happen!

More tomorrow on this journey of life and healing!


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