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I saw God today

Dear friends and family,

Our angel of today is Innco. This sweet child is 12 years old. He first came to a Faith in Practice clinic in 2018. His diagnosis was a developmental delay. And they fitted him with a special wheelchair; he was seen by a pediatrician today. Please, family and friends, keep this precious child and his mother in your prayers

A lovely woman came to see our general clinic for a check-up. During her interview with our physician’s assistant, she opened up about her life. She has had more tragedy in her life than any five people should ever endure. Her check-up ended with a prayer request. Five of our staff prayed with and for her.
A gentleman came in to get a check-up. As our Physicians Assistant gathered his information, he shared his story: He was doing construction work. Somehow the pipe and electrical wires met, and he was electrocuted, putting him in a coma for two months!

A young man had started the admission process. At that time, he told our volunteer he had a history of seizures and was having one right then. He was fast tracked into the clinic, and the physician immediately began to take vitals. When asked if he had pain, he replied yes, his heart, back, and abdomen. Our team took action called an Ambulance. He collapsed to the ground and stopped breathing during another seizure. The crew assisted his breathing with bag valve mask oxygen. After ten minutes, he was arousable, and he continued to complain of the abdomen, back, and chest pain and requested to go to the hospital. The ambulance arrived, took vitals, and placed him on a backboard.
These four incidences were before noon!
Our angel’s mention are four of approximately one hundred that were to be seen today.

A village of talented people with hearts of gold and unimaginable compassion.

Yes, I saw God today!


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