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Hola from Faith In Practice in Guatemala!

Our day starts today with readings from The beatitudes and Confidence. Then we sang Amazing Grace, how befitting!

Our patients have started to arrive, and the building we are set up is what this midwestern would call a pole barn with modifications and doors! With that being said, the serenading of little finch-type birds that fly in and out sounds like they are as excited about today as our patients and staff. The rumble of voice and chirping sounds like a symphony orchestra.

Our “red cap” volunteers are busy escorting patients to the proper clinic stations. You may have noticed a cute little red car in today’s photos. They are called tuk-tuks. On Sunday afternoon, during lunch break, one showed up with small mattresses for our “red cap” volunteers. Some of them live far away, and it would be very difficult to travel back and forth. This is another example of their dedication and appreciation to Faith in Practice.

Lines form in front of the wheelchair clinic early in hopes of receiving a wheelchair. A couple of sources most generously donate our chairs, Free wheelchair mission donates our adults, and Hope Heaven donates our pediatrics. All this is orchestrated through team member Claudia.

With the education of our awesome PT specialists and the ingenuity of the assemblers, the recipients have a beautiful custom wheelchair!
We have to laugh about how some of our wheelchairs travel to their new residents!

Donations, donations, and donations of all types help keep this fine machine working.
It takes a village! Thank you, Village!

Thank you for this visit. We will enjoy another tomorrow. Until then God Bless!


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