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Leaving is such sweet sorrow!

Dear friends and families,

Last day, our bus ride is pictured out the window, comments about how beautiful the scenery is, and sharing pictures from home of our loved ones. We have one foot in Guatemala and the other at home. Listening to our conversations, I feel we are all homesick and yet know that there is so much more to be done in Guatemala. Faith in Practice has it covered when our team leaves. Another will arrive soon; it can be medical or
surgical. This organization rates in the top 1% of the Charity Navigator.

Our bus pulls up to the clinic, and they see the line. The foot at home stays planted but the one still in Guatemala is ready to get to work! Patients start the process for entry (done by our red cap Volunteers) as chairs to the waiting area fill. Patients are escorted to the proper individual clinics, and the humming of voices asking begins.

Our last patient will be seen at about 3:30. We will begin to pack up this Mash-type clinic and leftover supplies go on the truck and then back to storage.

This has been an amazing journey!
Each has been very different from the day before. Some patients’ names will always be etched in my mind, Ruth, Sayla, Aphelia, and Inneo. There are so many more. These are just a few that stand out in mine. When asking other team members, the list is endless. Every case is special and important!

Our journey has taken us to a place of beauty. We brought talents of medicine that only God could grant to make an impact on people who have so little in wealth but so much in kindness!

Leaving is such sweet sorrow until we meet again!

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