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As day 2 of the mission trip rolls around the corner, we celebrated two special birthdays: The United States and Dr. Farrow! After a rich breakfast complete with the exotic fruit, the mangosteen. After another inspiring morning devotional, the team headed off to the hospital to begin the first day of surgeries. Patients were seen all throughout the day, requiring a variety of surgeries: cholecystectomies, hysterectomies, and transurethral resections of the prostate (TURPs) were all performed today on extremely pleased and grateful patients who desperately required more advanced medical care than what their local hospitals could provide. Veteran-mission trip nurse Dania Allen was interviewed about the first day of surgery today, and mentioned how impressed and inspired she was to see the team working together with so much synergy so soon, especially the new team members. Dania has come on many Faith in Practice missions, and has seen almost every manner of patient in the clinic and knows how difficult it can be at times. During her first mission trip, a 14-year old boy who needed immediate surgery was dropped off at the hospital by his sister, who had to go to work like the rest of her family. Dania remarked how powerful it was to see the boy be so brave in such a scary circumstance, a fantastic reminder to count one’s blessings every day, and take nothing for granted. Happy Birthday Dr. Farrow, and may God bless the rest of the week!

Grant Farrow

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