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Team Austin had two amazing days with our clinics serving the people of Samayac. We saw patients in general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, ultrasound, lab, pharmacy, and mobility. All of our doctors, interpreters, and volunteers worked with compassion, dedication, and care, to assess and improve the needs of these grateful and beautiful people.

One of the stories I’d like to highlight is about Carlos.
On Tuesday, near the end of the day, Carlos was driving his tuk-tuk (taxi) to the clinic to deliver someone for an appointment. One of the volunteers recognized him from the previous year when he had been a patient. Carlos had been in a serious motorcycle accident, injuring his leg severely. After many surgeries and attempts to improve his leg, unfortunately, it was amputated below the knee. Since then, Carlos has relied on crutches to get around, driving his tuk-tuk to earn a living to support his family.
On that day, Lionel noticed that Carlos’s crutches were worn out, suggested replacing the rubber tips and arm pads, and encouraged him to “walk-in” and maybe the mobility clinic could repair them.
He agreed and proceeded to the check-in, where Tagni, the FIP program coordinator, was. After a quick assessment, she realized he might be a great candidate for Hope to Walk’s prosthetic and rehabilitation program, a partner with FIP.

Hope to Walk is a local non-profit program that specializes in fitting prosthetics and supports the patient in learning how to live by increasing their opportunities to improve their lives and build a better future for themselves and their families.

The impossible for Carlos just became possible! Thanks to Faith In Practice and its staff of incredible, passionate people who seek the opportunity to change lives with love, compassion, and faithfulness.
At that moment, so unsuspected, you could see and feel the hope, joy, and thankfulness from Carlos. When asked what his future might be, he replied, “I want to get a better job to provide for my family.”
This is an example of the work by Faith In Practice, changing lives by reaching out in faith that God will move, and he will.

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