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Sometimes you can be aware that you are in exactly the right place at exactly the right time…for such a time as this.  Many patients declare nerves as one of their chief complaints.  During the devotional, one physician noted that she uses the nerves complaint as an opportunity to question further about the patient’s story and the underlying causes of the nerves issues.  Sometimes it’s stress, sometimes it’s hardship, sometimes family issues, and sometimes it’s abuse.

Today one of our physicians encountered a patient with mild concerns, including nerves.  As he talked with her and learned more about her story, she reluctantly revealed that her husband heard about the clinic and suggested she come.  Her husband was also concerned about her anxiety.  Finally, amidst some tears, she felt ready to share that she’d been sexually abused by a family member from the age of 6 to 15.  She was embarrassed, angry, confused, and so much more. She just couldn’t let it go.  Her burden was overwhelming.  With the added support of our chaplain, her doctor continued sharing his time with her, and as a result, she came to understand that placing her burden at the foot of the cross and asking Jesus into her life to help was the healing that she needed.  Her countenance lightened considerably.  FIP located some local resources for her. Her struggle wasn’t over, but for the moment, she saw that it could be.

Right person, right time, right place…powerful life-changing experience for all involved.  This is Faith in Practice

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